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Sharp unveils a super LCD for mobile phones

Sharp unveils a super LCD for mobile phones

Tokyo – The appearance of OLED technology on the market, now particularly suitable for small screens, has not discouraged large display manufacturers from continuing to evolve LCD technology in the mobile sector as well. The example comes from Sharp, one of the largest manufacturers of LCD panels in the world, which yesterday unveiled a 2.2-inch liquid crystal display with interesting features.

Sharp claims that its new Advanced Super View LCD is, of the smallest displays, the one with the highest contrast ratio 2.000: 1, with the fastest response time of 8 milliseconds, and with a viewing angle (176 degrees) at the top of the category.

The Japanese manufacturer claims that its small display provides visual quality comparable to that offered by OLED technology, among which its strengths are its low response times, great contrast and wide viewing angle. Compared to OLED displays, however, Sharp claims that its screen costs 50% to 70% cheaper. But an LCD display, however sophisticated, cannot compete with OLEDs in terms of consumption: the latter, as known, do not have backlight lamps.

“The new LCD allows users to see sharper, more colorful images than a traditional mobile device,” says the company. Nothing new, however, regarding the supported resolution, which is the QVGA standard of 240 x 320 pixels.

The small display will make its debut, later this year, on some models of mobile phones produced by Sharp itself. Later in time, the giant plans to produce a version specially designed for digital cameras.