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Sharks is the first finalist of the To Major Tribe

Team beat Isurus 2-0 and will play the final on October 12

A Sharks is the first finalist in the Tribo To Major! The team overcame the Isurus 2-0 and now awaits the match between BOOM e RED Canids to know your opponent in the big decision. The final will take place on October 12, at 7:30 pm Brasília time.

Check the match summary:

Sharks – Isurus
Tribo To Major – Semifinal
Mapas: Inferno (Isurus), Nuke (Sharks)

Sharks started very well in Inferno, choice of opponents. Amending 7 consecutive rounds to open the match, the team only suffered its first point for the Desert Eagles from Isurus. The brothers started a good sequence and were undermining Sharks economy, always making rounds expensive. After moving ahead in the money, Isurus managed three rounds in a row and closed the half at a 10-5 disadvantage.

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Tiburón even had the time to switch sides, but Sharks ran over bomb A’s defense and secured its second pistol in the game; Isurus tried to respond with the forced, but it only worsened the damage to its economy and allowed Sharks to reach 13th. JonY BoY missed a crucial AWP shot in the first armada, paving the way for Sharks to ensure economic superiority; the brothers even responded in a nice retake at bomb B, but lost the next round in the same bomb thanks to a 4K of suplex. Broken, Isurus had no way of responding to Sharks’ first match point: 16-6 for the exit, which had 24 kills on the map.

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Nuke is traditionally known for favoring the team that is defending, but Isurus was unable to fulfill this mission: even winning the pistol and guaranteeing the first three rounds, the team fell to Sharks’ TEC-9s in the fourth round, starting a good following the Brazilians. The team even recovered at the end of the half and managed to turn to the TR with the advantage of 8-7.

The second pistol started with Luken ensuring three eliminations, greatly complicating the situation of Isurus, who did not even plant the bomb. Ahead of the economy, it was easy for Sharks to dominate the map: entitled to ace of exit and skewer of jnt, the team reached the 14th point with ease and even hesitated in a rush A of the brothers, but quickly reached the match point. caike frustrated the first with a beautiful ace clutch and put morale at his side.

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Packed, Isurus did considerable damage to the opposing economy and sought the extension with a brighter caike. The first two extra rounds were with Sharks, entitled to an excellent play by jnt and his AWP; the third, however, went to Tiburón with another rush A.

Sharks almost won their first round as a TR in extra time, but suplex, in a 1v2 situation, took a long time to eliminate the player who was defusing the bomb. The Brazilians finally reached another match point with an opening kill by jnt. Economically fragile, Isurus went into the decisive round with few utilities and a MP9 in the hands of caike; JonY BoY made three kills and even left his compatriot Luken in a difficult 1v2, but he was not intimidated and guaranteed the victory by 19-17.

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The next semifinal will take place today, October 5th, at 6 pm, between BOOM e RED Canids.

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