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Server market, Linux in reverse

Server market, Linux in reverse

The latest report from the well-known analyst firm IDC on the server market, summarized in this eWeek.com article, shows how the percentage of growth of Linux in the USA in recent years went from + 53% in 2003 to -4% last year .

In the same period, the rate of diffusion of Windows Server also drastically reduced, passing from 20% in 2003 to + 4% in 2006. In this case, however, IDC underlines how, unlike Linux, the growth of Windows has always remained positive .

Globally , Linux-based server growth plummeted from 45 percent in 2003 to less than 10 percent last year. This steep downward curve, according to IDC, is mainly due to the fact that the migration of companies from Unix / NetWare is now almost complete and therefore there is less room for growth for Linux and Windows.

But of this migration, according to AMD executive Margaret Lewis, Microsoft’s platform would have benefited above all . From 2000 to 2006, the share of the Windows server market would have risen from 50% to 70%, while that of Linux from 10% to 20%.

Lewis and IDC agree that in recent years Windows has benefited above all from an expansion in the field of web servers and high performance computing : in other words, the two segments traditionally most congenial to Linux. On the other hand, the Penguin has earned very little in areas where Windows is strongest such as that of messaging, collaboration and ERP / CRM.

It should be emphasized that IDC, in its statistics, only counts servers sold with pre-installed Linux: this means that the above figures do not take into account the numerous copies of Linux sold separately to the hardware or not sold at all (think of Debian and the many other non-commercial distributions). Nor do they take into account the number of pirated copies of Windows Server.