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Security, Symantec wand (again) Microsoft

Security, Symantec wand (again) Microsoft

Cupertino (USA) – As has happened more and more frequently in the last year, a few days ago Symantec returned to criticize Microsoft’s security strategies. New arrows were fired by Symantec CEO John Thompson, who in an interview with ZDNet.co.uk stated that “Microsoft lacks innovation, simply copying what others are already doing”.

Thompson is referring in particular to the security suite made in Redmond Forefront and the future release known in code Stirling which will allow company administrators to define and apply security policies within heterogeneous networks, formed for example by Windows and Linux machines.

In announcing the development of Stirling, whose commercialization is expected in 2009, Microsoft did not hesitate to say that “this will be the first security product to integrate a complete set of protection, security management, configuration and reporting technologies for client, server and networks “.

But Guy Butterfield, group president of Symantec’s Altiris division, countered that Microsoft is “late”.

“Stirling is designed to converge security and management functionality by the end of 2009. All Altiris technologies, running on common architectures, offer the same thing today,” said Butterfield.

Symantec acquired Altiris last April, inheriting from this company a series of solutions dedicated to corporate security.

Regarding the current version of Forefront, Thompson pointed the finger at the fact that his rival “only managed to obtain the VB100 certification last week, one year round after Forefront’s debut on the market”. The VB100 certification is given by the Virus Bulletin company to those antivirus products that can detect 100% of a selection of widespread and currently circulating malware.

“Our enterprise antiviruses have received the same certification 31 times in a row,” said Thompson. “We applaud what Microsoft is trying to do in the security industry, but we believe that the public should not be allowed to be misled by their marketing.”

It should be remembered that for about a couple of years Microsoft has been investing heavily in the security business, directly threatening historical companies in the sector such as Symantec and McAfee.