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Schwarzy: no to cell phones in the car

Schwarzy: no to cell phones in the car

Rome – It seems that the protection of minors against risks from any potentially harmful technology has become the priority of Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, who aims to prohibit minor motorists (i.e. 16 and 17 years old) from using mobile phones, PDAs and laptops while they are behind the wheel.

Imagining a guy driving a car while using his laptop (perhaps to follow directions) may seem a bit extreme, but the new rule promulgated by the Governator also contemplates this possibility which, to be fair, shouldn’t even concern. a certain age group. According to the California administration, there is growing evidence that cell phones and other portable devices are the main distraction for all motorists. And this is even more true for the youngest, who are also those who are most often involved in road accidents.

The new provision, reports the San Francisco Chronicle, is not well regarded by those directly involved, while Schwarzenegger, whose eldest daughter is 17 and drives a car, is convinced that the youngest must be protected, where common sense does not it is enough: “The fact is that teenage motorists get distracted more easily – said the Governor during a ceremony at Sequoia High School in Redwood – They are young, inexperienced and with less rapid reflexes.”

The polls are on his side: a survey conducted by Seventeen Magazine and AAA shows that one in three teenagers driving admits to being distracted by activities such as typing. SMS or telephone conversations. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms the love of young people for the use of mobile phones while driving, with 8% of drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 using their mobile phones while driving, a percentage that seems to grow by year in year.

Schwarzenegger therefore seems intent on establishing zero tolerance with the technology loved by young people: the new provision follows by a few days his appeal against the spread of violent video games which, according to him, must be placed on the market as unsuitable for minors without misunderstandings or distinctions. With all due respect to fans of not-so-sweet films, which have given Arnold Schwarzenegger popularity and wealth, such as Commando, Danko, Act of Force, Code Magnum, and the Terminator series. Which is not a thing of the past, given that a Terminator 4 is expected to be released in 2009, in which the Governor of California is expected to appear in a cameo.

Dario Bonacina