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Samsung’s very thin on the way

Samsung’s very thin on the way

Rome – Samsung’s new SGH-X820 should arrive later this month, present from today at Sviaz ExpoComm 2006 in Moscow and announced as the thinnest mobile phone in the world.

From the bottom of its 0.27 inches, or 6.9 mm thick, and its 66 grams of weight, the SGH-X820 is practically a variant of a model anticipated a few weeks ago with the name of SGH-X828.

This “superfine” mobile phone (again in relation to thickness) has compact dimensions, which do not however make the user lack interesting features, such as the 262 thousand color display, the digital camera / camcorder with 2 Megapixel resolution, multi-format multimedia player, output TV, Java support, Bluetooth connectivity, 80MB internal memory.

For the moment, no other technical details have been provided, nor those relating to marketing.