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Samsung’s HDTV leaps to 70 inches

Samsung’s HDTV leaps to 70 inches

Seoul – If in the domain of prototypes the diagonal of LCD TVs has reached 108 inches, a record claimed by Sharp, in that of commercial products Samsung claims to have just brought it to 70 inches equal to about one meter and 78 centimeters.

The new Korean TV is among the first to use an LED backlight system in place of the traditional one based on neon lamps. This novelty is accompanied by a new technology, called by Samsung Local Dimming , able to automatically turn off the LEDs in the darkest areas of the image: in this way, according to the manufacturer, the display is able to provide a contrast of 500,000 to 1 and reduce consumption by almost 50%. Samsung claims that LED lighting also eliminates flickering and ghosting problems.

The company has not specified what maximum resolution is able to reach its screen, in any case the panel is Full-HD certified, and therefore is able to play videos with 1080p definition.

The display is recessed in a black titanium case which incorporates two speakers and a subwoofer. The price of this monster? Samsung has not disclosed this, and perhaps it is better not to know it.