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Samsung tries to challenge Nokia?

Samsung tries to challenge Nokia?

Samsung seems to want to throw a precise gauntlet to Nokia: the Korean market is ready to make the acquaintance of the SCH-B750 model, which for look and performance appears similar to the N93 model presented about a year ago by the Finnish giant.

As reported by PocketPicks, the new B750 moves on the same ground as the Nokia smartphone. Its equipment is very respectable: it goes from the 8 GB hard disk to the 2.2-inch QVGA display, passing through the 3 Megapixel camera with video capture functionality.

The Samsung lacks a blazon optics (that of the Nokia is a Carl Zeiss), but the Korean product also boasts a “shake-sensor”, a sensor that allows you to turn off the alarm simply by shaking the device. A trick probably useful for those who – awakened with a start from their mobile phone – always anxiously look for the right button to turn off the ringtone.

In the B750 – half telephone and half camcorder, as defined by Engadget Mobile – there is no lack of DMB technology, for the reception of digital TV. All in the rather compact dimensions of 99x51x16 mm.

The SCH prefix and the Anycall branding suggest that the B750 is solely the preserve of the Korean market. However, it is not certain that the device cannot be offered on other markets, including the European one, in which the Finnish challenger starts from an advantageous position.