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Samsung Syncmaster 915N

Samsung Syncmaster 915N

The SyncMaster 915N model represents a cheap and not too painful way to go from a CRT to an LCD. Equipped with a black frame, with adjustments in the back, this monitor is the classic Samsung without too many frills.

Equipped with a D-SUB only connection and a 6-bit TN panel, the 915N manages to keep costs low thanks to the adoption of a non-MVA panel and the lack of a DVI-D connection. The base allows the tilt of the monitor, but there is no possibility to rotate it or to adjust it in height. Equipped with a response time (declared) equal to 8ms, the display promises good performance with fast moving scenes, thanks also to the adoption of Overdrive technology to decrease the times in pixel color change.

Tests and conclusions
Anandtech has carried out tests on the monitor in question. Interesting details emerge: the monitor has proved, as expected, an excellent ally for gamers. Furthermore, the maximum consumption of the SyncMaster 915N turned out to be lower than that exhibited by all the displays tested so far by Anandtech, for a value equal to 27 watts (38 declared).

The display has also been reviewed by PCMag and DreamWare Computer, perhaps a little too enthusiastic in the considerations. PCMag points out that despite the display limitations due to the competitive price, the actual viewing angle is quite narrow. Otherwise it is an ideal solution for the gamer who does not want to spend too much in the transition from CRT to LCD.

Giovanni Fedele