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Samsung SGH-D500

Samsung SGH-D500

This Samsung model is dedicated to a technology-conscious user who spares no expense when it comes to mobile phones. It is a very functional phone characterized by a compact design, despite the size and weight compared to other models of the same range.

It is a very powerful terminal equipped with 80 megabytes of memory, video recording and messaging functions, Bluetooth technology and a client; excellent audio, which integrates an advanced system to guarantee voice quality and clarity in any environmental condition. Also includes an MP3 player.

In the box
– Samsung SGD-H500 phone
– Lithium battery
– Samsung stereo headset
– Samsung charger
– Speaker for listening to MP3s
– Instruction manual

The opinions of the experts are …
– Phone with an attractive design, with the only flaw relating to the thickness which, although reduced, is bulky if you put the mobile phone in your pocket.
– The definition is good even if the photos have a great display on a computer screen but they are not always great when you see them on the phone (curious, it is usually the other way around).
– Impossibility to mount memory cards as the mobile phone is equipped with a non-expandable internal memory. But it is roomy.
– Internet browsing is not the best due to the size of the screen.

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