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Samsung SGH-C200

Samsung SGH-C200

The Samsung SGH-C200 is a rather basic GSM dual-band / GPRS mobile phone model, but with a nice design. The dimensions are contained in 105 x 42.5 x 18 mm, for a total weight of 69 grams.

The chassis is well made, thanks also to the adoption of sturdy plastics. Ergonomics are excellent, even if the lines look a little to the past. The UFB (Ultra Fine & Bright) LCD display has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels at 65 thousand colors. Compared to the more famous TFTs, this technology allows a containment of energy consumption in the face of a slightly lower overall graphic quality, at least on paper.

The little Samsung has all the most useful features, but nothing more. Then, there are organizer, address book (1000 contacts), alarm clock, reminder, etc. The only “special” supports concern the ability to browse online via WAP, receive and send MMS, and play with Java VM 1.0 applications. The ringtones have a 40-tone quality, and can also be used in the MIDI version.

The battery supplied is a 800 mAh lithium-ion battery, certified for 220 hours of standby and 6 hours of talk time.

Tests and conclusions

Although the Samsung SGH-C200 proves on paper to be one of the products with the least functions, it undoubtedly has an advantage: the list price is very competitive. Mobile Review, in fact, also evaluating this aspect has decided to promote the model in question with flying colors. The quality of the ringtones is good, but not comparable with the “richer” models. Appreciated the display for the colors and brightness; the graphical interface at the same time proved to be simple and extremely functional. The internal memory is more than satisfactory: 1000 contacts for the phonebook, 200 SMS, 700 Kb for the MMs and 100 Kb for five voice messages of 30 seconds each. Great for those who don’t have too many needs.

The Samsung SGH-C200 is not an attention-grabbing mobile terminal, and therefore even online reviews are hiding. However, the good ratings left by users on GSMArena should be noted. Everyone agrees on the excellent quality of the display and the ease of use.

When no particular defects or exaggerated ambitions are highlighted, the final evaluation can only be satisfactory. Excellent product the Samsung SGH-C200.