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Samsung renews its range of LCD displays

Samsung renews its range of LCD displays

Seoul (South Korea) – When a large LCD monitor is no longer in the news, and when not even a monitor with record response times amazes, Samsung takes care of combining both features under one offer.

This is the case of the leader among the new monitors presented by the Korean house, the 320P model. 32 inches in 16: 9 format with a response time of only 4 milliseconds, 1366 x 768 pixels of native resolution and 450 cd / m2 of luminance. These are the characteristics of the jewel dedicated to the professional segment at the modest price of $ 2350. With this monitor, Samsung completes the offer of the medium-high range, which these days has benefited from the addition of 9 new LCD displays.

Those that come closest to the price of the giant are the 244T and 214T models. Respectively 24 and 21 inches of diagonal, they will cost 1700 dollars the first and 860 the second. The 740T and 940T are significantly less expensive with prices ranging from 380 to 500 dollars. In the new Samsung catalog there will also be space for two different 19-inch models, the $ 550 970P, already featured in this article, and the $ 700 model with integrated TV tuner, the 940MW.

Finally, the models designed for gamers are presented with an estimated response time of 4 milliseconds and are: the 740BF, 17 inches diagonal and $ 400 cost and the 940BF for those who want to invest around $ 500 for a dedicated 19-inch to gaming.

Dario Panzeri