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Samsung ready for 1Gbit DRAMs

Samsung ready for 1Gbit DRAMs

Seoul (South Korea)? Samsung said it wants to focus on manufacturing DRAM chips from 1Gbit so that they can become the new market standard. If the Korean company weren’t the largest memory chip maker, this could only be considered a proclamation. In truth, the choice seems to be dictated by the need to speed up the product updating process, obviously to increase turnover.

Currently the most used DRAM memories reach 256 Mbit; however, analysts and DRAMeXchange have already foreseen an upcoming update, with the transition to 512 Mbit models, which will be consolidated in 2006. It is clear that Samsung’s new statements could confuse consumers and completely question pricing policy.

“We are a bit ahead of the market trends,” said Sung Hae Park, a spokesperson for Samsung. The company could bill a lot more by anticipating the launch of the new chips. The reference market would be the server and high-end one: the chips will in fact meet the DDR2 specifications and will have double data rate support, managing frequencies of 400 MHz and 533 MHz.

The production phase is in an advanced state; also the use of manufacturing techniques a 90 nm it will allow to obtain chips that consume less than in the past and that have better performance in the face of a containment of operating temperatures.