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Samsung puts the iPhone in Croix

Samsung puts the iPhone in Croix

Rome – Undeniably endowed with design and features that will set the standard for their appeal, the iPhone is a source of inspiration for many players in the world of mobile telephony. Samsung does not seem to want to miss the appeal, which is about to launch a mobile phone marked with the initials F700, a model that at first glance evidently winks at the Apple music-phone (see image at the bottom).

The new Samsung, whose measurements are 104x50x16.4 millimeters, is a UMTS / HSDPA terminal, with a “slide-out” keyboard (it slides sideways below the display and allows a horizontal orientation of the device) but the particularity that close to the iPhone is the “Croix” user interface accessible from a touchscreen display with a resolution of 440 × 240 pixels and measuring 2.8 inches with 262 thousand colors.

The 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, expandable memory with microSD cards, support for the use of Office files, Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia and multi-format player (MP3 / AAC / AAC + audio and H.264 / H.263MPEG4 video) make it a decidedly avant-garde and attractive device. In so much technological wealth, in which the 3G support that the iPhone is missing stands out, there is also a drawback: the absence of WiFi connectivity, which the iPhone can boast.

Dario Bonacina