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Samsung announces line of Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds

Headphones feature adjustable noise cancellation and a better microphone

To start the event Galaxy Unpacked 2021, Samsung unveiled the new line of headphones Galaxy Buds Pro, earbuds that have a noise cancellation adjustment system and lighter microphones.

Galaxy Buds Pro promises 99% external noise cancellation, being possible to customize it to increase or decrease this level to adapt to situations (higher on the bus, lower in the library, as indicated on the product page). Not only that, the microphone system of the earbuds automatically detects if the user is speaking, reducing the sound of the headset to better hear sounds from outside.

Speaking of microphones, Samsung promises that Buds Pro has the best microphone system for an earbud so far, helping to communicate via calls or voice messages.

According to The Verge, the company indicates that the headset battery lasts an average of 5 hours (8 hours without noise cancellation), with an additional 13 hours (20 hours without noise cancellation) via case charging. of earbuds.

The Galaxy Buds Pro officially comes out this Friday (15), in black, white and violet. For now, there is no suggested price for the product in Brazil on Samsung’s official website.