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Samsung and Motorola arm in arm

Samsung and Motorola arm in arm

Rome – The American Motorola, the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer, and South Korean Samsung Electronics, the third largest manufacturer, have announced that they have entered into a preliminary agreement to share their respective mobile phone technologies.

The transversal agreement was announced by Samsung, which however added that it was not authorized to release details in relation to the terms of the agreement, which follows another partnership, entered into last year with Sony for the sharing of patents and know-how on technologies related to microprocessors and industrial standards.

The intent of the South Korean company to erode customers to the Finnish giant Nokia seems evident: many analysts in fact argue that the Motorola-Samsung partnership is destined to focus on the use of innovative and more advanced technologies than those currently used on the devices in production. .

By joining forces, this would therefore be the meaning of the agreement, both producers could become much more fierce competitors for the leader in the sector, the Finnish Nokia.