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Ringtones jump to music CDs

Ringtones jump to music CDs

Rome – As a demonstration of how mobile phone ringtones are becoming increasingly important for the music market, and now represent a preferential gateway to the world of adolescents, the New York record company Artemis Records has decided to unite “sacred ”And“ profane ”including, on a newly released album, the possibility of transforming music tracks into mobile phone melodies.

The record company has included on the Sugarcult’s “Palm Trees and Power Lines” CD a software for Windows that allows you to convert audio tracks into ringtones compatible with the most popular mobile phone models. The program, developed by Xingtone, works only with the songs present in the album in which it is included: to convert any music file, even in MP3, WAV or MIDI formats, the user must purchase the paid version on the Xingtone website. , the price of which is 15 dollars. The earnings from the sale of the software are shared between the two partners.

“It is better for the majors to use ringtones as a promotional medium rather than as a product to sell,” Artemis said in a statement, explaining that it is still premature for record companies to enter the ringtone market directly. However, this does not mean that these can already represent a good marketing vehicle for music.

Xingtone has also recently struck an agreement with Hollywood Records, a record company owned by Walt Disney, for the online distribution of free ringtones.