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Retrocomputing, the Brusaporto expo

Retrocomputing, the Brusaporto expo

Bergamo – Fans, experts and engineers are expected together with a varied audience at what promises to be one of the major Italian events linked to Retrocomputing, investigation and exposure on the technologies that once were.

Brusaporto Retrocomputing, this is the name of the event, will be organized on Sunday 28 October on 630 square meters and numerous exhibitors, at the Centro Polivalente (in via Roccolo – Brusaporto, BG).

The invitation to the exhibition is open to all those who want to show “any object related to retrocomputing and entertainment”, for example workstations, office computers, home computers, historical graphics stations, calculators, terminals and vintage game consoles. .

The organizers assure that tables, chairs and the necessary electricity (230
and 400 volts) for the operation of the equipment. “The only recommendation is to bring extension cords and multiple sockets”.

All the info on the event on the dedicated website