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Remote controlled models from mobile phones

Remote controlled models from mobile phones

Rome – It is well known that the mobile phone has become more versatile than a Swiss army knife. But the possibility of using it as a remote control for model airplanes is definitely less obvious, even if it is an interesting possibility. Indeed, researchers from Mechanical Engineering Polytechnic College in Punjab designed it – and built it – in India.

According to the reports, the working group managed to make an airplane perform the correct take-off and landing maneuvers as well as a short flight. “We designed the airplane and were able to fly it for a few minutes,” said Gurwinder Singh, project team leader who worked in collaboration with students Gulab Singh, Simarpal Singh and Navdeep Singh.

In the model aircraft, explained Gurwinder Singh, a programmable electronic circuit capable of receiving commands from the mobile phone was inserted. Even if the test flight went well – he added – it is necessary to do more research, to improve the speed, height and directionability of the aircraft.

Model aircraft, widespread in the West, is beginning to gain some popularity in India as well. There are those who remember how radio-controlled airplanes can be very useful for military purposes, for tactical inspections in enemy areas with photo / video cameras. The team of researchers also plans to develop an alarm system to be used in the event of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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