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Red Hat and HP together for Linux storage

Red Hat and HP together for Linux storage

Raleigh (USA) – At the Red Hat headquarters in Raleigh (North Carolina), the well-known Linux distributor will launch, together with HP, a center of expertise to provide help and advice to companies for the implementation of storage solutions on Linux.

The laboratory, called em> Storage Solutions and Performance Test Lab, will also test new open source storage solutions, evaluate their performance and integrate them with Linux-based platforms already on the market. The intent of the two partners is to encourage their customers to migrate their storage systems to Linux.

Interested companies will also be able to use the new center to preview new solutions and technologies and simulate their use in real situations.

The agreement between Red Hat and HP follows a collaborative relationship between the two companies that, announced last August, will see them commercialize a clustering solution including ProLiant servers and HP’s ServiceGuard software and Global File System (GFS) by Red Hat: the latter is an enterprise-class 64-bit file-system that runs on Linux and is capable of managing clusters of up to 256 nodes. GFS is one of the key technologies that joined the Red Hat portfolio with the acquisition of Sistina Systems in 2003. Following the acquisition, Red Hat transformed this proprietary technology and made it available under the GPL license.

Red Hat just recently announced that Oracle has introduced GFS support in its solutions that integrate the Real Application Cluster database.