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RAI fee evaded by the post office?

RAI fee evaded by the post office?

A provocative clarification on the confused front of the payment of the RAI license comes from the Consumers and Users Association. In a note, ADUC asks if the Italian Post Office evades an amount included each year between 8 and 13 million euros .

ADUC states that this emerges from a further investigation into the RAI license fee, which followed the sensational ones in recent months.

On the basis of thousands of reports from citizens, ADUC explains, “it emerged that RAI is asking for the payment of the fee to private citizens for the simple possession of a computer , even if they do not have a television ”. “More recently, again from one of our surveys, it emerged that even commercial businesses (from shops to banks, from professional firms to public administrations) have to pay the fee if they have a computer”.

From here the calculations are easy.
The data published by Poste Italiane on its website indicate that the company manages 14 thousand offices in the Peninsula and more than 200 sorting centers. In each of these offices it is reasonable to assume that there is at least one computer, subject to the payment of the RAI license fee.

Indeed, ADUC explains, it is subject to payment of the special fee which has limited validity at the address for which it is stipulated, “and therefore – he highlights – the Italian Post Office owes approximately 14 thousand RAI subscription fees”, which brings the bill to over 13 million euros . The special fee, in fact, reaches over 929 euros.

From the 2006 financial statements of the Post Office, here in PDF, “the item that should also include this tax (“ Other taxes and fees / Other ”, p. 242) – explains ADUC – shows an outlay of 5,426,000 euros for 2006. It is quite clear that the evasion of the Rai license fee by the Italian Post Office varies from a minimum of 7,592,880 euros – assuming that the item “other taxes” only concerns the Rai license fee – and a maximum of 13,018,880 euros for the ‘year 2006 ″.