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Radiohead at 1.3 million

Radiohead at 1.3 million

Downloads of Radiohead’s latest album, In Rainbows, surpassed 1.3 million. To support it is Silicon Alley Insider, citing unspecified sources within the band.

The latest work by the famous English group has been on sale since last October 10th in free price : everyone can pay any amount (even a single penny) and get ten songs, MP3s without any kind of protection, by downloading them from the net.

On the pages of the Chicago Tribune, however, one wonders if such a distribution model could work for anyone. According to the US newspaper, the bulk of CD sales are now the preserve of the same old names: sales of emerging bands are struggling to take off hence the crisis in the sector.

The success of Radiohead, on the other hand, is (also) the result of years of investment of their record company in promotion and distribution. In short, if Radiohead were the latest arrivals, perhaps their In Rainbows would not have already totaled all those downloads. (LA)