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Quentin Tarantino shares his thoughts on the ending of this infamous Joker talk show

Quentin Tarantino has revealed his thoughts on Todd Phillips’ infamous talk show scene jester. The film was a surprise success for Warner Bros. when it was released in theaters, although it did not initially look like that. The activists asked the cinemas not to play Joker lest the film provoke violence in real life. The police closely watched cinemas and took every call seriously. Even the military were alerted to the premiere of the film.

Fortunately, there was no serious violence during the Joker screenings. Instead, the film became a box office success, with Oscar nominations, including a Best Actor win for Joaquin Phoenix. While Quentin Tarantino Not a true fan of the movie, calling it “a bit of a note,” he enjoyed the scene on the talk show where Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck kills Robert De Niro’s Murray Franklin. He explains.

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“Subversion on a huge level, how deep is this: it’s not just suspense, it’s not just fascinating and exciting, the director subverts the audience because the Joker is crazy. Robert De Niro’s talk show character is Not a Movie Villain. He looks like an idiot, but he’s no more of an idiot than David Letterman. He’s just a comedian, a kind of talk show. He is not a movie villain. He does not deserve to die. ”

Quentin Tarantino was getting started as he got deeper into the buffoon scene. “However, as the audience watches the Joker, they want him to kill Robert De Niro,” says the director. Tarantino believes that the public would not have responded well if Arthur Fleck had not murdered Murray Franklin on live television. Tarantino had this to say.

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“What if the Joker doesn’t kill him?” You would be pissed off. This is subversion on a huge level! They made the audience think like crazy and want . And they will lie about it! They’ll say ‘no I haven’t !, and they are ******* liars. They did it. ”

It may be a bit of an exaggeration for Quentin Tarantino to hint that everyone is watching the jester.The movie wanted Arthur Fleck to murder Murray Franklin. However, this is the opinion of the director, which some may find offensive. Not all of Tarantino’s views are adopted by the masses, and he seems to totally agree with that after all these years.

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At the thought of Jester Plus, Quentin Tarantino asked, “Is this where we live now?” Take great movies from the ’70s and remake them as artifacts of pop culture? “Tarantino added,” Taxi driver as the Joker, Apocalypse now as Ad Astra, is this all some weird pop culture artifact from a difficult movie from another era? ‘Some have shared these same thoughts on Todd Phillips’ jester, while others praise him as a work of art. Either way, Tarantino really enjoyed this talk show scene. You can hear Tarantino’s thoughts in full on The Empire Film Podcast.

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