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PS5: massive fever at Japanese dealership ends police operation

the PS5 Sony is almost out of stock around the world. It is only with great luck that the coveted console can currently be ordered from online stores. The quantity available mainly consists of canceled products that are sold out again in seconds. The promised by Sony 4. Wave of sales Contrary to the forecasts of many industry experts, it did not start last January and the console could not be available for order at various retailers in Germany until February 2021.

A real battle for the PlayStation 5 has also broken out on the Internet, in most cases the so-called Climbing to win. They buy PS5 consoles from online stores, sometimes even before they go live, in large quantities, and then offer them at completely overpriced prices on platforms like eBay.

PS5 mayhem in Japan

Several videos on Twitter from last weekend show that things offline don’t necessarily get any less turbulent and chaotic once the PS5 is in the game.

One of the largest Japanese megastores in the business district. Akihabara BOT 300 new PS5 consoles to. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to be able to pre-evaluate this idea as foolhardy. Unsurprisingly, large crowds formed in no time. Above all, the store workers had to face the crowd and endure angry insults.

Since Chaos in the megastore swollen in a second, the operation was finally stopped and the police intervened. Given the high demand, store managers should have anticipated such a situation. However, there is the pandemic, more present than ever in Tokyo with a high number of infections.

When will the PS5 be available again?

Sony and major retailers have yet to officially communicate when the PS5 can be reordered in Germany. However, new contingents are supposed to be activated in mid-February. Of course, we will keep you informed here at and will inform you in case there is new information on the subject.

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