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Poste, a mobile phone as a currency

Poste, a mobile phone as a currency

Milan – “Do you pay in cash or with your mobile phone?”. In a few months, this question could become commonplace, especially for users of Poste Italiane. In fact, by next August, the mobile phone of the Post Office is expected to be operational and can be used as a payment tool. This was announced by the managing director of the institution, Massimo Sarmi.

The manager gave this preview by speaking at the international forum for Economics and Open Society, held in Milan last week. In illustrating the activities of the Post Office in the field of logistics, Sarmi explained: “We, unlike our competitors, are active in all the steps, from shipping to delivery up to payment which will soon also be made by mobile phone”.

“We have 9 million electronic payment cards with 25 million transactions per day – he explained – Within three months, payments can be made with the mobile phone, taking advantage of the fact that we have become virtual mobile telephone operators”. The agreement with Vodafone Italia, made official at the beginning of April, provides for the possibility for Poste Italiane to provide a whole series of services, telephone and not only, using a platform that – as Vodafone explained – “will allow the integration between the systems of the two companies, leaving the full and autonomous management of the customer to Poste Italiane “.