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Portability of music is a right

Portability of music is a right

Rome – Enough with CDs that can only be read on certain devices, enough with those contents that, despite being legally purchased, cannot be used at will by the consumer, enough with a certain concept of copyright that undermines the development of the industry.

These are the sensational though not brand new theses expressed by Intel’s CEO, Craig Barrett, from the limelight of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

According to Barrett, the consumer who purchases content has the right to dispose of it as he sees fit, regardless of the medium used, without the limitations that the industry currently places in an attempt to limit piracy, i.e. the illegal copying of music, films or software and / or their dissemination.

To do this, a new business model is needed that knows how to combine the possibilities offered to users by the new technologies developed by hi-tech companies with a concept of development of the content industry that knows how to look beyond. “There are no simple solutions – said Barrett – compliance with the law plays a fundamental role in this and anyone who grossly violates someone else’s content must be severely prosecuted”. But, continued Intel’s CEO, we can’t stop there.

“There must be – declared Barrett – acceptable commercial systems that allow people to transmit content via the Internet”.

The stone is thrown.