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Plone Conference, three days on the future of the web

Plone Conference, three days on the future of the web

Naples – From 10 to 12 October the City of Science will host the Plone Conference, the fifth worldwide event of the Open Source community that develops Plone for free, one of the most powerful, robust and secure multi-platform systems for publishing content on the Web. takes place for the first time in Italy and will bring together more than 350 specialists and programmers from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

During the three days we will talk about the role of Plone in the Internet as a tool for supporting non-governmental organizations, schools and public administration, but also the latest technologies for content management and solutions to improve business processes.

Plone is one of the largest web content publishing projects in the world, with approximately 100 software core developers and over 500 add-on programmers in 40 countries. “It was conceived – explains a note – with the utmost respect for Internet standards, thinking from the outset of contents in multiple languages ​​(it is in fact available in over 35 languages) and of disabled people”.

Plone is successfully employed by hundreds of leading organizations in around 40 countries, including Italy. With the PloneGov project he was one of the finalists of the eGovernment Award 2007, promoted by the European Commission for the development of good e-government practices within the e2010 objectives of the Lisbon Agenda.

In Naples, the CNR used it to build Octapy, a content management system that gave life to the Network of Neapolitan Museums, a virtual community promoted by the Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on cultural heritage of Campania.

All the details on the event starting from this address