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Phil Spencer would like more acquisitions to strengthen Game Pass

One of Microsoft’s areas of interest would be casual games and games for young audiences, including ESRB-rated “E” titles

Microsoft may still not be satisfied with the sequence of studio acquisitions promoted in recent years to strengthen the Xbox – and the indication comes from itself Phil Spencer, head of the company’s gaming division.

In a new interview with Game Reactor published on Monday (26), Spencer spoke about areas in which Microsoft may still be interested in strengthening the division Xbox Game Studios – and in particular the Game Pass.

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One of these areas are casual games and games for young audiences, or titles included in the “E” category of the classification ESRB.

“I think what’s missing from our portfolio is casual content, with broad appeal. Content with an E-rating (to use an ESRB rating) is not a strong point for us,” he commented. “Obviously, we have Minecraft and a few other franchises. But when I think about expanding the creative palette of our teams, I think that is extremely important.”

Phil Spencer would like more acquisitions to strengthen Game Pass

Reproduction / Microsoft

According to Spencer, this expansion also means investing in “more creators” to sustain the growth of the Game Pass, which continues to gain momentum and will need more content to “feed” subscriptions.

“And frankly, as the Game Pass continues to grow, we need to continue to feed that subscription. So, with the growth we are seeing, I hope that we are constantly in this way of bringing more creators into the group,” he explained.

Still on acquisitions, Spencer acknowledged that Microsoft has not invested enough in the “creative capabilities” of its own studios in recent years. Xbox 360 and at the beginning of Xbox One, which led to problems in the portfolio.

As a result, Spencer created a new investment plan for the Xbox division when he took over, and brought the company’s interest to the industry by prioritizing content investments.

“It was something I felt, as I said in the late 360s and early Xbox One, that it took us a little while to find the right partners and get support from the company,” he said. “But I’m incredibly excited. Now, with the ZeniMax, we arrived at 23 original studios and an incredible formation. So I’m feeling really good about the support we have. “

Still on ZeniMax and Bethesda, Spencer said it is still “illegal” for him to start planning the company’s future because the acquisition process is still being evaluated, and it will only be closed in 2021. This includes, of course, giving details about exclusivity of future games of the company.

That said, the Xbox boss stated that in the long run he wants the publisher’s “incredible studios” like Arkane, id Software e Machine Games, can create the “best games they’ve ever created”.

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