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Phasmophobia for console: will the game be released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch?

The cooperative title Phasmophobia It started Early Access on Steam in September 2020 and has since become a real surprise hit on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. There are almost 190,000 reviews on Steam Extremely positive. However, so far, the multiplayer title is only playable for PC owners. But “phasmophobia” could also be used for other platforms such as PS4/PS5, Xbox oneDoes Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S appear?

Will Phasmophobia be available on console?

In general, “phasmophobia” remains Early access. Behind the development studio Kinetic games there is also only one person, so the resources for the title are very limited. Also, the PC version is not fully developed yet. However, the full version should be released this year. However, there may still be changes.

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Therefore, these are not currently versions for the different consoles. The emphasis remains on the Enhance the experience with a virtual reality headset. So while there are plans for the console, they definitely won’t be rolling out this year. Kinetic Games can start rolling it out as soon as the full version is released.

What happens in famophobia?

The basic principle is quickly explained: with up to four players, you have to work in different places with different teams. Ghost test To locate. The goal at the end of each round is to determine the correct type of ghost based on the evidence you have collected.

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