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Petitions at risk of privacy?

Petitions at risk of privacy?

In the last ten days or so, since hosting a petition that has enjoyed some media coverage, someone has started to turn up their noses at Firmiamo.it , a site dedicated to the “hosting” of petitions and collecting online signatures, in the wake of what has already been produced by sites known as online petitions. The reason? The site’s policies on the processing of data of those who sign a petition. And yesterday a message circulated on the net raised new attention to the privacy policy of the Italian site. The fear of someone is that whoever signs a petition, leaving their data, may not be aware of the way in which they declare that they will be treated. But is it really so?

The policy states, among other things, that the user authorizes “the processing of my data to receive promotional information by post, telephone, e-mail, sms, mms, perform statistical analyzes, opinion polls by external companies “(…)” The user recognizes the right to Speakage Srl and / or companies connected to it and / or its successors in title to keep, reproduce, disseminate and delete the signature and the material transmitted. The user declares and guarantees the peaceful enjoyment of all rights relating to what is sent. Therefore, by sending the texts and information, the user assigns and transfers, free of charge and definitive, without limits of space and time, all the economic and commercial exploitation rights relating to what is written (…) “.

It must be said that the potentially more controversial clauses of the policy, such as that on the use of data for advertising information, are repeated further under the policy itself, and to the user you are explicitly asked to mark them and, if it does not, a warning clarifies that to use the service it is necessary to accept the policy:

“YOU MUST CLICK ON ACCEPT IN BOTH CLAUSES IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SIGN. The decree law d.lgs. N. 196/2003 provides that you must give consent to the processing of data for the purposes and in the manner indicated in the confidentiality commitment. If you do not accept the clauses we will not be able to archive your data and therefore we will not be able to accept your signature as it contains your personal data that you do not authorize us to process and archive ”

Punto Informatico has turned the perplexities that emerged online to the service managers, who intend to reassure users.

From Marco of Firmiamo.it, in fact, this answer came: “We are in the startup phase and the lawyer who follows us for Italy has recommended such a broad disclaimer to avoid having problems in the future as soon the petitioners will be able to communicate with their signatories through the site and could send any type of material. We do not intend to send any kind of advertising, it is just a way to protect ourselves and avoid problems in the future. We have recently opened and we have inserted that disclaimer to protect us (and protect) temporarily, we will soon see it again in light of the real needs of a site like this “.

It is of course legitimate to ask the site, as some say they want to do, to change its policy. Perhaps the most suitable instrument could be a petition. The point will be to decide, if anything, on which hoster to open it.