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Palm, a new Treo is on the horizon

Palm, a new Treo is on the horizon

There are users who have been disappointed by the small UMPC Foleo from Palm, like children in front of the surprise of an Easter egg of the lowest order. However, it seems that the hopes of a new “Treo-style” smartphone should not be disappointed. Online, in fact, there are comforting news about the release – by next autumn – of a new Treo, the 800w model.

The “w” after the initials “800” distinguishes – as confirmed by Gizmodo – the presence of the Windows Mobile operating system, version 6. The smartphone, which will sport a traditional (for Treo) extended QWERTY keyboard, a 320 display × 320 pixels and a 1.3 Megapixel camera, it will offer support for EV-DO Rev A, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and will be equipped with GPS module, 256 MB flash memory, 128 MB RAM.

In the US, the new Treo will be available in the fall from the Sprint Nextel sales network. To date, it is not possible to know Palm’s intentions regarding the marketing of a European version of the new Treo 800w. To find out more, it will take a few months.