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OxygenOffice speaks Open XML and VBA

OxygenOffice speaks Open XML and VBA

Almost exactly one month after the debut of the official version of OpenOffice 2.3, the OxygenOffice project has released its own extended version of the famous open source office suite.

OxygenOffice Professional differs from the official version of the suite by including an extra number of clip art, images and templates and features such as support for Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros and the Open XML format .

The new version of OxygenOffice includes 3,400 clip art and images , dozens of templates and document examples, and over 90 fonts, all freely usable even in the professional field. When installing the suite, the user can choose to install only the resources he needs, thus minimizing the occupation of disk space.

The Vitamin OpenOffice then integrates a more complete online help, an additional user manual, a greater number of tips (suggestions) dedicated to novice users and OOoWikipedia a tool that allows you to highlight a word or phrase contained within a document and search for it on the free Wikipedia encyclopedia.

OxygenOffice 2.3.0 then improves the aforementioned support for Excel VBA macros still experimental at the moment, ed introduces an Open XML import filter which allows you to open, edit and save documents created with MS Office 2007. The suite is also capable of opening Works, WordPerfect, WordPerfect Graphics and T602 formats.

Previously the OxygenOffice project was known as OpenOffice.org Premium: the recent name change it was justified by the development team with the desire to “simplify things and highlight that this project is independent from the OpenOffice.org one”.

“Our team loves and supports the OpenOffice.org project, and does not want to cause potential confusion,” reads this release.

OxygenOffice Professional 2.3.0 can be downloaded for free from this page in versions for Windows and Linux. Among the localizations already available there is also the Italian one.