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Oracle serves a prepackaged Linux

Oracle serves a prepackaged Linux

Redwood Shores (USA) – Strengthening its commitment to Linux, Oracle recently launched the Oracle Validated Configurations (OVC) program to make life easier for customers using its applications under Linux.

The new program provides companies hardware and software configurations already tested and validated to run Oracle’s solutions on Red Hat and Novell enterprise Linux distributions. These configurations also include storage systems and networking devices.

By freeing companies from the need to conduct their own tests, the database giant claims that validated configurations allow customers to reduce deployment times, cut costs and accelerate time-to-market .

The OVC program was launched with five configurations, soon to be followed by more. All five are dedicated to the deployment of Oracle Database 10g on servers with architecture x86-64 both Intel and AMD: the systems considered are manufactured by Dell, HP and IBM, but Sun is also among Oracle’s partners.

Oracle took an interest in Linux in 1998 when it launched its first database capable of running on this platform. Since then, the giant has brought almost all of its software to this kernel, offering 24/7 assistance services all over the world.