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OnePhone, LG’s converging cell

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OnePhone, LG’s converging cell

Seoul – LG Electronics also seems interested in convergence applied to telephony. Currently only for the Asian market, the South Korean company has presented an interesting model of cordless phone, distinguished by the initials (or product-id) KF1100, but which will probably be marketed under the name of OnePhone II.

A name that suggests the existence of a predecessor: in fact, last year, LG presented the first example of the OnePhone range, the KF1000. The device even then boasted support for Bluetooth connectivity, which can be used for “walkie-talkie” functionality and for connections to bases and cordless landline telephony devices.

The new KF1100 is also equipped with Bluetooth technology support for using the device as a domestic (landline) telephone as well as a mobile phone.

While the K1000 was a clamshell, LG chose a slidephone design for its successor. At the moment all the functionalities and technical equipment are not known, except for the presence of a 1.3 megapixel digital camera and a multistandard music player.