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Nokia updates the 770 Linux

Nokia updates the 770 Linux

Rome – Nokia has made available to users of its Internet Tablet 770 the first update to Tablet OS, the Linux-based operating system integrated into the device.

For users, the most relevant innovations are given by the new VoIP functions, by greater performances in memory and battery management, by a renewed interface look, and by a full-screen touch-screen keyboard.

IP telephony support is exploited by the new Google Talk client included in the update, the result of an agreement between Nokia and BigG announced last May.

For developers, the most important novelty is instead represented by the new EABI interface (Embedded Application Binary Interface) and by the addition of some new API (Application Programming Interface) which, together, pave the way for even more sophisticated and capable applications. to take advantage of the new features of the operating system, including VoIP technology.

The innovations introduced with this update, however, required a partial incompatibility of Tablet OS 2006 with the 2005 version as a sacrifice: Nokia explained that applications expressly designed for the old operating system are no longer compatible with the new one.

Owners of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet can download Tablet OS 2006 here.