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No cell phones in US cinemas

No cell phones in US cinemas

New York – While in Italy the cinema enters mobile phones, arousing the controversy of cinema exhibitors, in the USA the opposite cannot happen: or rather, we are thinking of institutionalizing the ban on the use of mobile phones in cinemas.

And even in the States, exhibitors want to work on this front: the Association of Theater and Cinematographic Theater Operators has proved to be very sensitive to the subject. The entity has drawn up a “draft proposal”, followed by a petition, to be forwarded to the FCC, the Communications Commission, to obtain the possibility of prevent the operation of mobile phones (with a system that physically inhibits the reception and transmission of telephone calls) inside the rooms.

Not all cinema managers, however, agree in signing the petition, and the request of the FCC appears to be in full contrast with the views of the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association). The association and the merchants clearly oppose the motivations of the commission, deeming the request “inappropriate and dangerous”, as the inoperability of the mobile networks would constitute a risk of lack of communication in cases of sudden emergency.

Good education, which would be enough to avoid raising even more inappropriate fuss, is obviously not everyone’s heritage and therefore the written recommendations and requests (reported on the signs posted in cinemas) to keep telephone sets off do not seem sufficient. In the USA, as in Italy, during a screening it happens very often that you have to put up with an inappropriate phone call from your neighbor or the fateful light, in the darkness of the room, of the mobile phone display.

Dario Bonacina