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New OpenOffice and Camino for Mac OS X

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New OpenOffice and Camino for Mac OS X

In recent days, two new open source bundles have landed on the Mac OS X platform: an alpha version of OpenOffice for Aqua and the new 1.5 release of the Camino browser.

OpenOffice Aqua whose development Sun is also participating in, is designed to run natively on the graphical interface of Mac OS X: the current port of OpenOffice for Mac instead requires the X11 system, which makes it slow and very little integrated with the rest of the environment.

The developers warn that the new alpha version is still riddled with bugs and, therefore, it is absolutely not recommended to use it for work. Several features are also disabled, such as exporting PDF files, copy and paste, and support for multiple monitors.

Although OpenOffice Aqua has been in the works for over six years, it appears that Sun is determined to accelerate its development, probably because it is interested in creating a Mac OS X version of its commercial StarOffice suite.

Definitely more mature Fireplace , the Mozilla-based browser capable of running natively on both the PPC version of Mac OS X and on the x86 version. The new release, which arrives almost a year and a half after the release of version 1.0, introduces several new features, including a new and more sophisticated spell checker, support for RSS / Atom feeds, the ability to save the session. navigation, a new download manager, a slightly improved graphic theme, and tweaks to the tabbed navigation system and the pop-up filter.