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New graphing calculator from HP

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New graphing calculator from HP

Milan – HP presented the HP 48gII, the latest heir to the famous family of HP 48 graphing calculators.

The HP 48gII brings together the capabilities of a wide range of calculators and includes 3D graphics tools and a database of 180 scientific constants and units. This model is especially dedicated to engineers, surveying professionals and high school and college students.

Does the HP 48gII calculator suit all needs, from use at school to use in the workplace? said Fred Valdez, general manager of HP calculators. ? This model combines the latest in computing with an excellent quality-price ratio ?.

The calculator connects to the PC through a standard serial cable that allows you to load the main commercial programs and those available online, download databases and save programs using its 80.7 KB of memory available to the user. With its infrared port, the HP 48gII can communicate with other recently introduced 48gII and HP 49g + calculators.

All information regarding the HP 48gII calculator and official distributors can be found here.