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New frontier for SMS from the PC

New frontier for SMS from the PC

Rome – The test phase established for VolaSMS Active X, by GTN (the same authors of VolaSMS) has started; while the latter was a software designed for sending SMS in a Windows environment, the newcomer will allow you to send messages in different contexts, from business applications programmed in different languages ​​(including Visual Basic, Visual C ++, Access, Delphi).

VolaSMS Active X is therefore especially intended for communities of programmers and software houses that intend to equip their business applications with the SMS sending tool, which is also useful for enhancing communication between various levels of society. The authors of the program have started the beta test phase for VolaSMS Active X, after which the software will be ready for commercial launch.

There is no cost for downloading VolaSMS Active X: companies that decide to use it will have to pay GTN the cost of the SMS sent, which will be sent through the gateways of this company. The same conditions were applied to the commercialization of VolaSMS, the previous program conceived by GTN.

Sending SMS via PC is an expanding phenomenon, which in the last period has had to face some ups and downs, due in particular to the entry into force of the interconnection agreement stipulated between mobile telephone operators (more details see can be found in the special dedicated to this topic).

Perhaps in the future there will be an increase in services for sending paid SMS (such as VolaSMS), to the detriment of those who offer free services to the user and trust in the economic return granted by the advertising presented on the site.