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New for Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter

New for Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter

Online marketing tools are increasingly sophisticated: this is confirmed by the latest solutions recently presented by Google and Microsoft. The goal is to better respond to the needs of advertisers, and if possible of anticipate them .

Since last Monday, Google AdWords integrates a new feature called preferred cost bidding. This is a system that allows advertisers to specify the average cost per click, or CPM (cost per thousands of impressions), that they are willing to pay for their online advertising campaigns when participating in ad auctions. Mountain View management says the new option has been implemented to make it easier for customers to manage auctions and costs, to maximize return on investment.

In practice, the AdWords algorithm will continue to work constantly to get the advertiser’s designated price. The “average price” model is therefore proposed as an alternative to the current system based on the maximum bid – which very often forces a real competition between advertisers to grab the best positions in the presentation of advertisements at auction. . The only flaw with the FCB is that it will have a less control over final positioning .

Microsoft, on the other hand, has announced that it has significantly improved the quality of its adCenter advertising service with a “relevance” system capable of better interpreting “the user’s search intent”. In short, on LiveSearch, the correlations between search results and advertising links will be evaluated in greater depth.

The guidelines indicate: a better evaluation of the keywords chosen by the advertisers in respect of the advertised products, a rationalization of the results related to a single content, the elimination of “flirtatious” results.

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