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Never leave hard photos on your mobile

Never leave hard photos on your mobile

New York – Photos of actress Demi Moore naked are not difficult to find online. It would be more difficult to find hard images taken by her husband Ashton Kutcher, if it weren’t for the fact that he has lost the cell phone on which images of that type were stored. Whoever found the cell phone, with even less scruples, decided to take advantage of it.

According to the National Enquirer, Kutcher would have forgotten his mobile phone in the back seat of a taxi he used in Valencia, Spain. It is not impossible, but it is difficult nowadays to find a good Samaritan who is careful to trace the rightful owner of a lost mobile phone. It is easier – and this is what has happened – for someone to take advantage of the situation. As did the man who found Kutcher’s cell phone: in scrolling through the contents of the device’s memory, he found risqué images of the couple.

It is not known whether the man immediately understood how hot the contents of the mobile phone were. He certainly realized this when Kutcher, some time after the loss, tried to call his cell phone, and hearing an answer from the man who found him, asked to have it back. The “smart phone” stalled and then contacted the Kutcher family, revealing that he was in possession of the embarrassing images and asking for a “ransom” of one million dollars, adding that – if the request is not satisfied – the photos would be been sold to publishers around the world.

The developments of the story are not known for the moment. If those photos go around the world, the clever paparazzo-parasite will have won. But he might have won even if they were never published. It depends on what actions the Kutcher family will want to take.