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My Hero Academia Chapter 305: Deku and Shigaraki

Therefore, Deku could be the last user of One For All. The recent chapter revealed some serious information about One For All. Not only that, the previous chapter introduces all One For All users. It was like a play of the strongest being of each generation. On top of that, the fourth revealed that those who own One For All will die as rarity shortens lifespan. Because according to the medical report, those with multiple quirks will eat up even a person’s life expectancy. On the other hand, All Might had no quirks either, but he was the first user who managed to maintain absolute dominance over One For All. Now the chapter ends with Nana Shimura asking Deku a question: Can you kill Tomura Shigaraki? And now, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter: My Hero Academia Chapter 305.

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Chapter 305: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, Chapter 304: While Deku sleeps, he comes face to face with those who inhabit him. Read it for FREE from the official source!

– Shonen Jump (@shonenjump) March 7, 2021

Release date

The release of My Hero Academia Chapter 305 is scheduled for March 14, 2021.

MHA Chapter 305 Spoilers Revealed !!!

  • Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 305 Title: “Midoriya Izuku and Shigaraki Tomura”
  • Nana: “Can you kill Shigaraki?”
  • Kid Deku and Kid Tenko are shown together (Kid Tenko cries, holding Mon-Chan, as Kid Deku approaches him)
  • Deku says that he only feels that Shigaraki needs help because he saw a child crying deep in Shigaraki’s heart.
  • Nana hints that Shigaraki needed to be saved just by looking at him because Deku saw and felt his emotions. However, it may be too late.
  • Nana: “I left my son alone to fight All for One and here is the result.”
  • He then tells Deku that Shigaraki is his grandson.
  • We see Shigaraki with fully developed wings, it’s a callback to Shigaraki before he passes underneath (the panel of him emerging from a cocoon of CH 246).
  • Nana: “If it turns into this great evil, no one will be able to stop it, one day you may have to fight this great evil on your own.”
  • The first user is satisfied with Deku’s answer and Nana apologizes for trying Deku. Nana tells Deku that Grand Torino is alive and asks him to send her regards.
  • The first user comforts Nana (who is crying at this point), then looks at the timeout duo and says something in reference to them (?)
  • We get another close-up of the second and third users before Deku leaves the Vestige realm (we get the slightest look at the third user, while the second user’s hair is noticeably darker this time)
  • Last line: “Next chapter, the world is entering a new stage! “
  • MHA will receive a cover for the next jump issue and a cover in color!
  • Without a break, CH306 comes out on March 22.
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Where to read chapter 303 of My Hero Academia?

Chapter 303: My Hero Academia is available to read For instance or Mangaplus. Since the manga is a weekly shonen manga, it will release a new chapter every week.

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