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MusicIP, search for music faster?

MusicIP, search for music faster?

Monrovia (USA) – Is the music market destined to change… again? In the midst of the digital revolution, Matthew Dunn, CEO of MusicIP, announces the birth of music ecosystem . The MusicIP system, a fingerprinting identification technology for digital audio files, will enable the creation of the “first global search engine that unites listeners, artists and publishers,” says Dunn, “so that Internet users can search for music based on the their mood, taste and specific needs “.

This will be possible because the patented technology of MusicIP allows to precisely identify a single music file, through the frequency analysis and independently of its format, file name and quality: the result, based on a sampling procedure of the first 2 minutes of the song at regular intervals of 185 milliseconds, leads to the creation of a unique identifier contained in just 512 bytes. “The music industry can finally count on a low-cost system for track identification,” concludes Dunn. The analysis of a single song, according to a press release from the company, takes just a few seconds on a medium-high segment machine.

This “fingerprint”, as it is called by Matthew Dunn, opens the doors to “a new methodology in the creation of highly detailed, interoperable and above all shareable playlists”. The goal is obviously one participatory platform already in the pipeline thanks to the collaboration of the FIQL social network, where “users will be able to exchange playlists, organize and compare them based on tastes and musical styles or directly reach the best online stores to make the purchases they want”, explains Dunn .

The pivot of this real ecosystem will be the identification technology developed by MusicIP. The technology is covered by a type license open source and has already been warmly received by Creative Commons. MusicIP’s MusicDNS (Digital Naming Service), a CDDB repository for music files, already has about 17 million songs .