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Music, royalties paid in store

Music, royalties paid in store

Rome – The activity of the SCF – Società Consortile Fonografici – aimed at collecting the so-called related rights on musical works – extends and accelerates: after the signing of a framework agreement with the parishes, in the past few hours SCF has also announced an agreement with Federmoda .

The Italian Fashion Federation adheres to Confcommercio and represents tens of thousands of shops in the textile sector: by signing the agreement with SCF it has undertaken to pay the “fair compensation due to broadcast the music in the shop”.

SCF is in fact the reference body for record companies to collect the rights on the use of media such as cassettes or CDs (“phonograms”) for the dissemination of music in commercial establishments.

Renato Borghi, president of the Federation, declared that “fair compensation to record producers is obligatorily due, as required by the law on copyright. With this agreement we not only contribute to fostering a “culture of legality” in the use of music, but we give the opportunity to commercial operators associated with the Italian Fashion Federation to have a 15% reduction on the amount to be paid. Furthermore, by adhering to the signed agreement, previous omissions in payment are remedied “.

According to the Federation, more than half of the textile shops make use of “ambient music”: for a shop up to 100 square meters. the “fair remuneration” is 56.80 euros. From 101 to 200 sqm. is 86.30 euros. It is of interest to point out how in a note it is explained: “The agreement between SCF and the Italian Fashion Federation also governs the annual fee for the right to copy the music: a fee equal to 50% of the amount due for the right to use the phonograms “.