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Music goes through Bluetooth

Music goes through Bluetooth

Helsinki – Nokia is convinced that the Bluetooth transmission system can become a functional means for streaming digital music. In collaboration with the record company EMI, it has launched the experimentation of a new service that will allow music to be listened to via mobile phones in some cafes in the Finnish capital: audio content that will be provided to customers via Bluetooth wireless. For now, the pilot project will be inaugurated in at least three coffee shops in the Robert’s Coffee chain and in three music stores in the FreeRecordShop chain.

Customers will be able to choose the tracks from an EMI record selection: there will therefore be the latest productions by Robbie Williams, Goldfrapp and Gorillaz. The service will be compatible with all mobile terminals based on the Nokia Series 60 Symbian platform (present on Nokia N90, Siemens SX1, Nokia E60 etc.) and Nokia Series 40 (present on Nokia 6060, 8800, etc.). Obviously, all mobile phones must have Bluetooth support and, to access streaming, download a small application called CoolZone, an appendix to the content delivery platform.

bFree, as the service is called, will be totally free but, as Nokia recalled, in the future it will be possible for the commercial version to pay for the desired audio tracks. Furthermore, it is not excluded that during the test period the offer will be completed with ringtones, wallpapers, video clips and vouchers.

The Nokia solution somehow seems to offer itself as a valid alternative or further completion of the offer in the mobile music field. Just remember, in fact, the new Motorola and Nokia smartphones equipped with large memories for the management of MP3 files and the new platforms for mobile on-network purchases.

Unfortunately, the range of coverage of Bluetooth is still the only limit for this kind of service: although it is a transmission / reception area of ​​diffusion – and not linear as with the IRDA – the operation is fully certified for a maximum of ten meters.

The official presentation of “bFree” will take place during the Nokia Mobility Conference 2005, scheduled for today and tomorrow in Barcelona.

Dario d’Elia