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MultiDropper, the mobile spyware

MultiDropper, the mobile spyware

Rome – It cannot be said that a mobile phone can count on the same resources as a PC (even if some smartphones can be approached), but despite this they can both run the same risks: From McAfee Avert Labs the news of the existence of the first example of spyware for mobile phones.

The little faithless dragon has been identified with the name of MultiDropper.CG and, once it has settled as a hermit crab in the cell phone, it is able to monitor all SMS and all telephone calls, incoming and outgoing.

MultiDropper.CG, explains McAfee, is the first example of malware that contains SymbOS / Mobispy mobile spyware. To create it, the author would have recycled a part of the already known Flexispy, incorporating it into the new malware.

Although not particularly invasive and proliferating, MultiDropper.CG therefore represents the confirmation of a new, difficult era for mobile telephony.