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Motorola participates in Pay-Buy-Mobile

Motorola participates in Pay-Buy-Mobile

London – Motorola today announced plans to participate in GSMA’s Pay-Buy-Mobile initiative. The company could participate in all trials conducted by GSMA that will guide future developments in the field of mobile payments.

Motorola will also provide feedback to GSMA’s Near Field Communications (NFC) technical guidelines whitepaper and will work with standardization bodies, such as ETSI and the NFC Forum, to provide further input into the development process.

Near Field Communications and associated applications, including payment, are an area of ​​strategic focus for Motorola. Motorola has committed to working with GSMA’s Pay-Buy-Mobile initiative, and with industry at large, to facilitate the development and implementation of an NFC ecosystem.

“Participation in GSMA’s Pay-Buy-Mobile initiative brings Motorola’s goal of making mobile payments and financial services available to customers around the world even closer,” said Alan Wright, Senior Director, Strategic Business Development, Mobile Devices Motorola, EMEA and India – Delivering borderless mobility to all customers is a key component of our strategy ”.