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MOTOLIVN, the new Motorola cordless phones

MOTOLIVN, the new Motorola cordless phones

Milan – Motorola, famous for its mobile phones and especially for the bestselling RAZR range, presents the D7 and D8 lines of the MOTOLIVN range of cordless phones for landlines (see photo below).

The new range, the company explains in a note, promises “flexibility in terms of positioning the telephone in the home environment. Most cordless phones require the telephone to be near the telephone socket; the MOTOLIVN range, on the other hand, incorporates a location-free base unit that allows the cordless to be positioned anywhere in the house where an electrical outlet is available “.

The MOTOLIVN D7 and D8 lines also incorporate features defined as environmentally friendly: “the power of the phone is automatically adjusted to optimize the output according to the distance from the base unit – Motorola clarifies – The user can activate the eco mode, a a function that uses less battery power and increases talk time, allowing longer conversations and less environmental impact ”.

MOTOLIVN is also based on GAP technology, which allows users to add more handsets and manage up to five phones from a single base unit. The telephones of the D7 and D8 lines are available in the Standard and TAM versions, the latter equipped with an answering machine. The Standard version telephones are equipped with the classic functions, while those of the TAM version additionally offer the answering machine functionality, including control of messages from both the base and the telephone, and the ability to access messages remotely.

Also available is the D8 Skype dual-mode model, which offers users all the features of Skype combined with the standard features of the D8. Consumers can set the phone calls to Skype or PSTN mode or choose the mode for each phone call.

The new MOTOLIVN range is initially available in the stores of the Saturn chain.