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Morocco, Berber mobile phones ready

Morocco, Berber mobile phones ready

Rabat – Mobile phones do not all speak the same language: Maroc Telecom, a Moroccan telephone operator, has announced the marketing of the first mobile phone models that operate with the Amazigh alphabet, which is the one used in pre-Islamic Berber languages.

The new mobile phones on sale at prices below 50 euros with a prepaid card, are two Sony Ericsson models characterized by the initials J110i and J120i, made in collaboration with the Royal Amazigh Cultural Institute (IRCAM).

The two devices, guarantees Maroc Telecom, offer the same functions and applications that every user is now used to using, simply “customized” with an interface in the Tamazight alphabet.

For both, the operator boasts “substantial” characteristics, such as lightness (75 grams), a 65,000-color display, polyphonic ringtones, icon menus, speakerphone, agenda with 200 contacts. The J120i model has a few more details, such as FM radio and a headset.

A note from the company explains that this is “a new initiative that demonstrates the commitment that Maroc Telecom has taken with its customers: it is about taking into account their cultural diversity, applying our innovation skills in order to favor the customs of all “. A teaching that hopefully will cross the borders of Morocco.

Dario Bonacina