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More smartphones on the horizon from HP

More smartphones on the horizon from HP

The smartphone market seems more and more interesting for HP, which is ready to greet the autumn with a new range of multifunction devices that are intended not to make you regret the PDA-phones produced so far by the Palo Alto company. Even the new devices will still be part of the iPAQ line.

MSNBC turns the spotlight on two new model series. First and foremost, there is the iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator, which behind a mobile look hides PDA applications, including the navigation functionality with 3D maps. Everything runs on Windows Mobile 6, with a 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM memory (expandable with microSD cards).

Followed by the iPAQ 900 Series Business Messenger (see photo), a smartphone with an extended QWERTY keyboard that looks like it wants to wink at the BlackBerry world. Also this series can count on Windows Mobile 6, a RAM of 128 MB and ROM of 256 MB and GPS module.

Both 3G terminals (UMTS / HSDPA), the two new iPAQs represent the new course of HP pocket devices, which will be followed – in the short term – by other new models, briefly anticipated for the moment. The company, which overtook Dell in PC sales last year, clearly intends to strengthen its presence on the mobile phone market by competing not only with BlackBerry but also with Palm’s popular Treo range.